Soul Mountain project

The Project

Soul Mountain is a project that blends music and mountaineering together, two disciplines that at first sight may not seem related at all.

However, this is not the case for Jordi Mestre(@jordi_mestre_lopez), who has always seen a deep connection between the two, creating his most personal project to date thanks to this idea.

The search for a way to unite these two passions is what brought this Lleida-based musician to create a project that would allow him to play and record his compositions on top of his favourite summits in the Pyrenees.

Together with mountain guide Roger López de Haro (@guia.rogerlopezdeharo) and cameraman / video producer Jordi Rulló (@jordirullo) they form a team that intends to create a series of videos and instrumental songs.

These creations are always carried out in accordance with the high mountain environment that surrounds the project, trying to raise awareness and emphasizing on nature preservation and culture as two of the basic, necessary pillars for a better future.

Soul Mountain is a unique, unprecedented project that brings self-composed song recording to summits higher than 3000 metres.

In their third recording, the team climbed atop Besiberri Nord starting their ascent from the Cavallers dam, in Vall de Boí. Up there, Jordi Mestre played a new composition entitled “The Change”.

This latest filming has been done trying to underscore how high mountains are one of the main life sources, as well as the need for action in order to minimize the devastating effects of climate change.

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The Team

Soul Mountain team

Jordi Mestre

(music & original idea)

Jordi Mestre is a musician that honed his skills at ESEM - Taller de Músics de Barcelona. He is part of several well-known musical projects in the region of Lleida such as Pixie Dixie, Sonsonite and Food4Soul. He has also been part of bands and projects like Barcelona Ghana Revolution (including an African tour), Orgàsmic Quintet, Ignasi González Trio, The Crossfathers...

His music is mostly based on genres of african-american origins such as jazz, soul, blues and hip-hop; and he’s always been interested in African rooted music.

He is also a member of the organization for the Camping Jazz Senterada seminar, which takes place in the Vall Fosca region.

Roger López de Haro

(mountain guide)

Roger is a widely respected figure in the mountaineering world. His passion and dedication to rocks, ice and snow included him in one of the first generations of mountaineering guides in his country. He also trains climbers and alpine technicians, and is part of the ZAG, Marmot and POC. (@guia.rogerlopezdeharo)

Jordi Rulló

(audiovisual producer)

Jordi in his images always seeks the relationship between human beings and nature, he immerses himself in it as much as necessary to feel its immensity and transfer those sensations to his captures, which inspire peace and a wild universe at the same time.

He currently lives between Lleida and the Catalan Pyrenees. He loves traveling and being surrounded by nature and getting lost in the mountains. After almost fifteen years working as an instructor in adventure activities such as kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding, he decided to study photography and dedicate himself professionally to combining these disciplines, outdoor photography.

He has worked for brands such as Land Rover, Splitboard Magazine, Picture Clothing, among many others, he is also a co-founder of Blue Collectors, a member of Stocksy United since 2016, and an ambassador for MPOWERD. (@jordirullo)